Sometimes just reading Geek Stranger isn’t enough. Sometimes you just have to listen… and where can you listen to me scream like a little boy about how awesome Captain America Civil War was, and what I got right and wrong? Why here with the fine fine folk at RevNews:

Listen in as they talk about why previous delays weren’t Tegan’s fault; their general reactions to the movie; the capable hands of the Russo Brothers; what predictions they got right (and wrong); their trouble believing that was Howard Stark’s car; Tony’s deep need for therapy; their quibbles and the feels; Zemo’s plan and if Mike was happy that Zemo wasn’t Cobra Commandered; the deaths, more feels and the many needs for hugs; how they felt about all the characters; Bucky’s Legolas moment; Tony’s need for therapy; the incredible cuteness of Vision & Wanda; the redemption of Clint Barton; their need for a Black Panther movie right now; what Spidey brought to Team Tony; Zemo’s vicory and need for another hug; Tegan’s use of “Hobbiting” as a verb; the big airport fight; how the Russo brothers used our expectations against us in a fantastic way; the intensity & deep feels of the final fight; Bucky putting on a smile for Steve’s sake; #TeamBladder; and where they ranks it amongst the MCU movies so far.

RevNews: Captain America: Civil War – #TeamFeels

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