darttatericonIf you’ve made it this far, I feel I should apologize. But you’re here now, so really, it’s partly on you too, and you’ve got to learn to own that.

 I’m a nerd by day, and a geek by night, and a dork 24/7/364 (I get a day off).  I grew up on cartoons, booze, and Star Trek, with my typical night spent with the ladies… of comic books and fantasy novels, because really, what teenage girl could ever compete with Magick from the New Mutants? She had a tail! A tail!! Then I grew up and did the adult thing, like choosing electricity over comics and shifted my focus to nerd television and movies just as we entered a veritable nirvana of geekdom!

tardis me

My faithful companion (cut out because she needs to make her own damn website) and I exiting the TARDIS at Dragon Con in Atlanta, like, a lot of years, and probably twenty pounds ago.  Side note: I miss that shirt.

We own the summer movies, the fall movies, entire networks, and more. We’ve got Marvel on the big screen, DC on the little, and Star Wars yearly now. Sure, every dollar I make goes to feed the habit, and yeah, I could probably do more productive things, or have friends, but then I’d never get through my Netflix queue. So maybe they own us a little, too. It’s a symbiotic thing. Whatever. I choose my fate!

Naturally, conventions and podcasts soon followed, and because the one thing the internet is lacking is opinionated blogs on geeky subjects, I’ve decided to fill the niche, and become… GEEKSTRANGER! Diabolical laughter here! Maniacal reaching toward the sky as well!!

Not impressed? Contemplating why you’re here? That’s a different website. Still, you’re probably asking yourself-

“Hey me, what can I expect of Geekstranger?”

Well, I’m glad you asked, you awesome person, you. My devotion to you is limited only by my free time, my income, and my willingness to get off the couch! But when those things happen, I hope to have quick first impression movie reviews (new releases and classics and not so classics that aren’t new releases), TV recaps, comic and book discussions, and even some original works! And whatever else my demented sleep deprived mind may come up with. Don’t worry though, I’m not a complete tool. All the pieces will be spoiler free as much as possible for recent releases, containing only what you could surmise from trailers and IMDB. Despite what the voices in my head say, I am only one person, so y’know, mistakes will be made and something may slip through, so, sorry in advance?

So, uh, yeah, check it out. Be awed at my revelations and judgement, but understand that even if I like what you don’t, or you like something I don’t, it doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. Or, I don’t know, maybe it does, but joke’s on you because death threats are a type of friendship.

Also, I have cats. Big surprise, I know, right?

Your Geekstranger Executive Editor and for now Singular Contributor,