Sometimes just reading Geek Stranger isn’t enough. Sometimes you just have to listen… and where can you listen to me geek out with fellow nerds about snakes on a plane Captain America upset with getting put in coach on a train? On the eleventh episode of the 42cast! Pull up a chair and grab some gummy worms for a tasty treat as you listen in:

It’s a French comic book adapted by a Korean director and American writer, produced in Korea, and starring a multi-cultural cast. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the Earth has frozen over, and the last remnants of humanity live in a train that must keep moving to keep the people inside warm. It’s a crazy ride as we talk about the unique direction, the acting, the symbolism, and what the ending means for the characters. Is it really the train to nowhere?

The 42cast Episode 11: Train to Nowhere

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