Sometimes just reading Geek Stranger isn’t enough. Sometimes you just have to listen… and where can you listen to me geek out with fellow nerds about the show you stopped watching somewhere in season 2, but since then has been consistently good (if not always great), by taking risks other shows wouldn’t dream of, which here takes it to the next level and with almost no budget to speak of?:

Many people expected season 5 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to be the end of the series. It had achieved 100 episodes and much of that season seemed to be a wrap up. In this episode we talk about expectations vs. reality. Did the season work better as the end of the series or as just one installment in a continuing story? We also examine the links to the MCU at large and discuss whether that’s hindering or hurting the Marvel TV series. From there we talk about the importance of Coulson, the unexpected yet welcome return of Talbot, and the gravity of the situation in season 5.

This week’s Five Minute Controversy asks if the DC Universe streaming service is providing enough original content to justify purchasing.

The 42cast Episode 51: Breaking the Loop

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