Sometimes just reading Geek Stranger isn’t enough. Sometimes you just have to listen… and where can you listen to me geek out with fellow nerds about the latest and most controversial version of Star Trek until Tarentino’s comes out? Sure, Discovery may be on a subscription service, but my opinions are free of charge!:

Star Trek: Discovery relaunched the Star Trek franchise on TV after a hiatus of over a decade. Set before the original Star Trek series, Discovery’s slick look and darker tones evoked polarization in fandom as some gravitated towards the update and others rejected what they saw as an affront to Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future. In this episode we talk about those issues as well as the decision to market this on streaming service, CBS All Access instead of on network or cable television. We’ll also discuss the casting, storylines, and themes. We’ll also ask that ephemeral question, “Is this Star Trek”?, before we finally finish up with speculation on the future. This week’s Five Minute Controversy asks if it’s a good idea for Quentin Tarantino to direct a Star Trek film.

The 42cast Episode 49: Disco Fever

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